Saturday, October 30, 2010

Candy, Candy Everywhere

I was going to do an original post this year for Halloween and All Saints' Day, but time has gotten away from me. Thus, a rerun:

All Hallow's Eve approaches.

For the record, we're a family that does Halloween.

It's become quite the Daddy-daughter thing over the years. Atticus and the girls plot out the best candy routes. Atticus often wishes for a helicopter, to really increase the candy haul. We discuss the Catholic roots and connections and talk about "soul caking" and we often refer to it as "All Hallow's Eve" rather than "Halloween" to reinforce what it really is.

We talk about both All Saints and All Souls Day as they approach. We plan our evening around Mass (though I know, I know -- this year it's not a holy day of obligation, alas.) 

Then we have the chocolate-related fun.

Post-Mass, the kids don their costumes. I always dress up as a homeschooling mom, but no one ever guesses what I am.  We sometimes trick-or-treat at the local convent -- the sisters love to have visitors, and it's especially fun to see the elderly sisters take such joy in children.

Then, we execute The PlanCandy Galore. Door to door, neighbors we know, family fun.  Anne-with-an-e has gotten too old for trick-or-treating (but Betsy's all for wringing one more year out of it) so she helps me hand out candy while Atticus leads the Chocolate Brigade down the street.

And, yes, we eat lots of candy. I let them have it for breakfast the next day and I rarely give any of it away or complain that it causes cavities. We just enjoy it. That's what feast days are for, as noted in this fun article by Jeffrey Tucker.

One year, Ramona observed, "You can never have too much candy."

I replied, "Well, sometimes you can have too much at a time, but ...."

"But," Ramona said solemnly, "you can never own too much candy."

Not on All Saints Day anyway. It is indeed a day to celebrate.

And, just for fun, here's a virtual pumpkin to carve  (h/t, from a couple years ago, to Danielle Bean.)


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