Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Meet Emmeline

Ramona and I made her tonight.

I was going to work, but Ramona was sprawled so pitifully on the floor, lamenting that no one would play with her, that Betsy would never, ever play Science People with her, and that she had nothing to do, and no one to do it with, and, really, wasn't her life just a hopeless, lonely mess?

Honestly, I took pity on this poor, spoiled child. Because, even though I'm sure we do spoil her terribly, sometimes it really is hard to be six years old and have sisters who are 12 and 15, whose interests have changed and are ever-changing, sisters who don't want to play Science People all the time.

So, we made a Little House doll.

And Ramona skipped around the house the rest of the evening.

(p.s. On an entirely different subject ... someone emailed me today about the Writers Weekly piece that ran, but your email was inadvertently deleted ... please feel free to resend and I'll try to control my aggressive spam filter.)


Theresa said...

JBug shares Ramona's pain. With only a 13 yo brother who won't indulge her and play drive-thru bank teller more than once a day, life is a series of disappointments. I seriously need to finish getting her toys unpacked before Superboy strangles her.

Jennifer said...

Oh so cute! I'm sure Ramona will remember the time with you every time she sees the doll.

Elizabeth M said...

This just jarred a memory! I remember making something like this but an octopus (don't ask me why)! There was a styrofoam ball (or something) and you wrapped the yarn over it and tied a piece of yarn around it just under the head. But you made 8 braids out of the "dangling" yarn for the legs. I even remember googly eyes maybe? Boy I had completely forgotten about this.

Karen E. said...

Poor JBug! And poor Superboy! :-)

Jenn, I'll remember it quite fondly, too. Isn't it so sweet to see them light up when an unplanned craft comes their way?

And, Elizabeth, Ramona would love that octopus!