Thursday, March 05, 2009

Move over, Billy Mays

An 89-cent bottle of hydrogen peroxide.

That's what got rid of the hideously large, Australia-shaped coffee stain that was on my carpet.

I'm spreadin' the news.

(But, wait! Call right now, and I'll offer you a second post sharing the secrets of a clean hamster cage!)


Jennifer said...

And you didn't yell at me like Billy Mays. :)
Though you know a really good homeschool mother would have just spilled coffee in the shapes of all the other continents and called in the children for a geography lesson. I'm disappointed in you, Karen.

El said...

Just a question, did it bleach the area a bit? Or just take out the coffee?

Karen E. said...

Oh, Jenn, you're right! I've missed an opportunity for learning. For penance, I shall flog myself with a Rainbow Resource catalog.

El, my carpet has enough of a neutral (with specks of other things) that a little bleaching was probably what it needed to bring it back to its normal look. But, I'm sure the peroxide bleaches, so I'd test an area first.

Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle said...