Thursday, July 20, 2006

Hear, hear

Elizabeth has a wonderful post this morning about not letting the early ages and stages of our youngest children slip by unnoticed and uncelebrated.

It's a thought I've often had myself, and I have only three children. I know how much harder it must be when there are that many more sets of needs to be met. But, I've been particularly aware of it recently, for some reason. I've been spending time this summer on book-decluttering (part of The Plan) and organizing our homeschool resources and as I've done so, I've had an eye to "Ramona's space" -- creating some shelves and areas just for her "preschool" stuff. (As Elizabeth says, it feels silly to call it "preschool" when there's no school looming in her future, but you know what I mean ....)

I'll keep you posted on "Ramona's Plan" as it develops.


Elizabeth said...

Oh, yippee, Karen! I'm really looking forward to Ramona's plan. It occurs to me that some of Michael's best buddies are sons of homeschooling moms from the early days--when we spent hours and hours talking about early childhood education. And now, we have a chance to do it all again, the cyber-way. Ramona and Katie are "going to preschool" together, in a manner of speaking:-)

Karen E. said...

Yes, they are! My brain's still a little fuzzy on all that I'd like to do, but I know it will involve lots of great picture books and a vague goal that's a "not" goal: I want her to *not* feel that her life consists mainly of being dragged to activities for her older sisters. :-) And I'd love to see more of what's in Katie's box!

Liz said...

It's such fun to do curriculum based on literature books. One fun thing we were able to do (because it's sort of in our part of the country) was to actually go to Boston Common and see the swan boats and the water where the ducklings in Make Way For Ducklings swam. It's fun to can blueberries along with Sal's mother, or try playing a harmonica aftr sucking on a lemon after reading Lentil. I'm sure you will find your very own fun things to do that relate to the books you are reading. One Morning in Maine into ocean life, and losing teeth... Did I ever mention that I love Robert Mcloskey's work (even if I seem to have a bit of a brain cramp about how to spell his name at the moment)?I just love all those picture books and the possibilities they offer.

No wonder our curriculum was always read aloud rich. It afforded such wonderful springboards into all kinds of areas.

Of course I'm sure Ramona in addition to the picture books is sitting in on your non-picture book read alouds with the other girls. It's great that you are continuing to give her time with the picture books as well.