Tuesday, November 19, 2019

A quick life lesson (talking to myself)

This morning, just after I got up, I took the dog out, which I do every day. It was dark, because, well, it's November and it was 6 a.m., so.... I was gazing at the stars, drawing lines from the Big Dipper to the North Star to Cassiopeia. Marveling over those stars, really, and pondering the books I'm reading, a book I'm writing, and just generally enjoying the crisp and the morning cold.

Then I realized I'd lost track of the dog. The yard is fenced, so I knew she wasn't lost. It was more about where-had-she-gone-and-how-long-was-she-going-to-take-because-she-certainly-doesn't-always-come-when-I-call-her-and-I-do-need-to-go-in-and-get-this-day-started. I squinted out at the yard. Was she was behind the shed? Investigating bunny homes around the bare lilac bushes? Where are you, doggo? I thought; the annoyance began to creep in. I sighed and shook my head. Here we go, I thought. Who knows how long she'll take?

Then I happened to glance around behind me and there was Doggo, already sitting on the back porch step, waiting for me, patiently ready and waiting to head inside.

And I was annoyed with my own annoyance. Why do I have to learn so many life lessons again and again?

Pay attention to the beauty, and the mundane will take care of itself.


Karen Eastlund said...

Karen: I love this... just when we think we have a problem, there is the answer, sitting and waiting for us. Doesn't always happen, but when it does... Thanks for this story. It can be so hard to see what is right there in front of us. Totally.

Tabatha said...

I love a happy ending!🐾♥️ One (infamous) morning when my Lucy was a pup, she ran me on a chase for an hour and a half in the snow (no fence). I'm not sure what lesson I learned from that, except maybe "sobbing is a perfectly reasonable response sometimes." (There are lessons I learn again and again, but I prefer that not be one of them!)

Karen Edmisten said...

Karen, thank you! Yes, just "sitting and waiting for us." :)

Tabatha, I don't like to relearn the sobbing lesson either, but I agree with you -- sometimes sobbing is a perfectly reasonable response! :) Your emojis made my day, too. :)

penelope said...

Isn't that just the way it goes!?! There we are, spinning our wheels, while the dog — or God — is sitting right there, calmly waiting for us to turn our heads and see ...