Friday, September 08, 2017

Poetry Friday: Nature Walk, by Gillian Wegener

Ah, this is a lovely poem. Gillian Wegener's "Nature Walk" conjures memories of nature walks with my girls -- part of our homeschool, part of our history, bits of our family lore. Some walks were laden with wonder, some were a push-me-pull-you of competing mindsets.

Nature Walk
by Gillian Wegener

The fern fronds glow with a clean, green light,
and I lift one and point out the spores, curled
like sleep on the back, the rows so straight,
so even, that I might be convinced of Providence
at this moment. My daughter is seven.

(Read the rest here, at The Writer's Almanac.)


Daughters do keep moving toward "whatever's beyond" but sometimes you still get to sneak in a nature walk with them. This is from ours, yesterday:

So many painted ladies! So much delight in watching them with my daughters. Laden with wonder. They flitted, they fluttered, they drank sweet nectar. And then they were gone. 



Kay said...

We've had plenty of those nature walks with my daughter, especially when her dad the forester tags along with all kinds of tree facts! And yes, they do keep moving on to what's beyond, but we will always treasure the memories--and hopefully create more.

Jane @ said...

I recently visited my parents, who live in the country, and had a lovely walk with them. Thankfully you're never too old to stroll through nature with your mum. :-)

Mitchell Linda said...

curled like sleep....precious. perfect.

Mary Lee said...

We must try to pass on our love of nature. Hopefully, little bits of what we teach will stick!

Karen Edmisten said...

Kay, how fun to have a forester along on your walks.
Jane, I agree -- never too old for those strolls!
Linda, yes, so many lovely images in this short poem.
Mary Lee, yes, it's always a delight to have my girls (still!) call me to look at a sunset, or some birds, or some other small but grand delight!

Brenda Harsham said...

Our children hear us, and they are learning values from us, even if they don't light up in that moment about spores. They have so much stimulus they are processing, all while we are focussed down hard. I remember my grandmother talking about roses, and skipping ahead of her. But my love of gardens was born there.

Karen Edmisten said...

Brenda, yes, it's so true. So much they are absorbing and remembering, and yes, even treasuring. We give quiet gifts, that will be unwrapped later. :)