Wednesday, September 02, 2015

I'm Back!

Yes, I dropped off the face of the earth for a bit. I was in the final days before a manuscript deadline, so I was ignoring the outside world (although I did throw the occasional dinner at my family.) But now, the big work is done and when the time is right, I can't wait to tell you more about the upcoming book!


Besides finishing a book, I've been adjusting to the fact that Atticus returned to work on August 10th. Umm, excuse me, school system, but next time I'm writing a book do you think you could time the beginning of school to coincide with my deadline? Because losing my dinner chef three weeks before I turn in a book is not cool.

Now that I'm cooking (I use the term loosely) again, we are having lots of quinoa, black bean, and tomato salad.

My culinary point of view remains, as it has always been, "How to cook using the fewest possible pots, pans and utensils." Yes, it's true: if I had a show on Food Network, it would be called, "Lazy Food."


Sometime in the blur of late summer, I finished reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix to Ramona and we are now 500+ pages into Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I love these books. I love that we have been able to keep significant plot twists from Ramona. I love the way my college girls watch Ramona for her reaction when something big happens. I love everything about the way Harry has been part of our family, including the fact that Ramona was Dobby (for a book release party) long before (how many years ago was this??) she knew who Dobby was: 

(Next up: must dig up the best pictures of Anne-with-an-e as Professor Trelawney and Betsy as Luna Lovegood.) 


Tabatha said...

What a precious Dobby! I am impressed that you have been able to keep the spoilers at bay. Congrats on finishing your manuscript!

Karen Edmisten said...

Thanks, Tabatha! Yes, it's been tough to keep spoilers to a minimum for all these years. Betsy won't let Ramona look at her HP Pinterest board because of spoilers. :) We haven't kept every secret, but there are still surprises. :)

Jennifer said...

She's so cute! I'm reading them to Z right now and it is so hard to keep spoilers from him! I'm glad you are back, Karen.

Margaret in Minnesota said...

Watching for reactions is what makes a read-aloud so awesome. Waiting and hoping to hear more about your new book. ♥

Melvin B. said...

Wow. Bobby looks just like my daughter. I need either new glasses or a break.

Melvin B. said...

I meant Dobby

Karen Edmisten said...

She'll answer to either Bobby or Dobby for you, Melvin. :)

Mags, thanks -- looking forward to talking about it! It's just a little early in the process. Don't mean to be annoyingly teaser-y though!

Jenn, thanks, and I know -- it's so hard to stay quiet! How is Z. liking them?