Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Bits and Pieces of Our Days

Ramona spent last week doing a theater camp. The performance was Saturday morning, and Atticus brought her roses to celebrate:

The play was a fun version of The Pied Piper. The reviews of her portrayal of a corrupt senator are in, and we expect Broadway producers to start calling any day. (We may be biased.)


Yesterday, Betsy and Ramona broke out the six-hour version of Pride and Prejudice. The following things may or may not have been posted on Facebook recently: 

Girls planning a Pride & Prejudice marathon: 
Girl 1:"We should get a bunch of snacks ready." 
Girl 2:"By snacks - you mean spoons & Nutella?"


When the girls started up the the 6-hr. Pride & Prejudice this morning, Atticus said, "The Lizzy-athon has begun!"

"No," I said, "it's the Colin-palooza."

I can report that there was indeed Nutella, and spoons were spotted. Also present were these indecently good Smitten Kitchen granola bars. I'm pretty sure popcorn was popped at some point, and when Atticus got home from errands, he threw some chocolate bars the girls' way.

We are enablers.


Speaking of Facebook, yesterday I said this:

I wish my life had a soundtrack. Then I'd know if I should be feeling anxious or triumphant.

Life would be so much easier, yes?


Faith said...

Colin-apalooza! Perfect!

Emily said...

You are SUCH good parents. :)

Tabatha said...

We just had the same experience! My son has to read P&P this summer for his summer reading and his fellow classmates told him that he should watch it first. I said that he should see the Colin Firth version; his younger sister and I ended up watching it with him. I can't remember what we had for snacks -- they couldn't have been as good as Nutella and spoons.

Laurie said...

Ah, one of my all time favorite movies to wile away the day to! Sounds like the girls had a great time!

Down in the Southland said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your comment about your life having a soundtrack! I made a FB graphic out of it that maybe you can use on your FB page? (it's the right size ;>) Email me and I'd be happy to send it to you, you can do with it whatever you would like, but I would like to post it on our org FB page (if that's ok with you!)

tanita✿davis said...

Lovely, lovely Atticus -- doing right as a father by being the first gent to get his best girl flowers. *swoony sigh*

Heh. Nutella and spoons - go together like a horse and carriage...

Karen Edmisten said...

Tanita, you're so sweet. I do so love his flower traditions -- he gave each of our girls a single rose when they turned 10 (those double digits really get to a parent!) and then he gave Anne and Betsy bouquets when they turned 18. And he always remembers flowers when they have a performance of any kind. It is kind of swoony, isn't it?

Down in the Southland -- thank you! I messaged you.

Laurie, yes -- it was a delightful day!

Tabatha, what a great coincidence! I think seeing it first (esp. that version) will help a young man get through his first reading of Jane Austen.

Emily, thank you, and you are too sweet!

Faith, is there a Colinpalooza looming in your future?