Tuesday, January 06, 2015

A Beautiful Article About Miscarriage, Grief, and Burial

Yesterday, Catholic Stand ran a touching piece called "The Forgotten Corporal Work of Mercy."

Perinatal Bereavement Nurse, Tammy Ruiz, shares her experience of helping grieving parents. She had kind words to say about my book, After Miscarriage, which I greatly appreciate, but I'm sending you over there for Tammy's words, not for mine:
In Turkey, I visited Mary’s House and the tomb of St. John in Ephesus as well as ancient Churches in Istanbul. But as I mentioned in my column about visiting Rome I feel closest to God when I am caring for precious little ones and their parents — even closer than standing in an amphitheater where Paul preached — for our vocations are precious individual gifts to us from God.
I'm so grateful for amazing women like Tammy who do the vital work of supporting and assisting grieving parents.

More about Tammy Ruiz can be found on her blog, Life and Loss. And here's a wonderful post from her about helping others through the daze and the fog that is grief.

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