Monday, August 18, 2014

A Review: Momnipotent

Just reviewed Danielle Bean's newest, Momnipotent, over at Amazon. Here's what I said: 

Danielle Bean speaks to the hearts and souls of so many women. We know we're not perfect, and Danielle cheerfully acknowledges that she isn't either. That's what makes her such an appealing messenger. We all have an "I was a mean, scary-face mommy that day" story and when she recounts hers, we can laugh, tear up, nod. Conversely, when she shares the things about motherhood that are stunning and amazing, when she points us toward ideals and ways to strive toward them (with reason, balance, and charity always) we nod again, and are grateful.
"It is not good for man to be alone," God said in Genesis. It's not good for moms to be alone either. In these pages, you'll be reminded that you are not flying solo.

I particularly enjoyed the way she opened each chapter with both a strength and a counterpoint -- the weakness that can result from a rigid pursuit or practice of that strength.

Real, funny, touching and encouraging.

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