Thursday, March 01, 2012

"Ten Things I Will Not Think About in My Last Seconds of Life"

Poets and Writers Magazine regularly posts creative writing prompts on their website. I sometimes forward good or relevant ideas to my teens and to our writing circle. (We have a teen writing group that meets once a week.)

This week, on the 29th, the non-fiction prompt was "Ten Things I Will Not Think About in My Last Seconds of Life."  Their direction:

Give yourself ten minutes to freewrite the list, then turn the list into an essay. It can be funny, serious, or strange; the points may be connected or not. The important part is to allow yourself to linger on each item in your list and let it grow into its full potential, perhaps keeping it mind for an essay of its own. For this assignment, make sure to incorporate all ten things from the list into your essay.

Essays could, I suppose, grow out of these ideas down the road, but for now, here's my quick take:

1. The cobwebs in the corners of my house.

2. Wasted years. No year has been wasted, because every, single one has made me who I am now, and who I will be when I die.

3. What kind of car I drove. I'll be happy that I never cared. Not one bit.

4. My resume.

5. No regrets about my choice of spouse. He is perfect for me. I am not perfect in any way, and he puts up with me anyway. I am mad about him.

6. My kitchen's design.

7. Homeschooling. I can't imagine ever being sorry we made the sacrifices. And -- so far, twelve years in -- my kids can't imagine ever changing the paradigm, so I don't think it'll be on my radar in my last moments unless it is to say, "I'm so happy we created the family we had," followed by a contented sigh.

8. What shape the yard is in.

9. "I wish I'd taken the time to read poetry." Nope. Won't be on the list.

10. Coffee. I won't have to think about it because I'll have a cup in my hand.


Haley said...

I love this!

Amy said...

I love your last one. :) (all of them, really, but that one made me smile).

Beth Gentrup said...

So so True! I would have to change the last one as I would have an ice tea with lemon

Meredith said...

This is fun Karen, and thanks for linking the free-write site, I've been meaning to add this element back in to our learning time and am happy to have ideas each week :) Coffee cup in hand, love it!

Colleen Duggan | Writer said...

Karen, I loved these prompts. I hope it's ok...I posted my own and linked back to you.

By the way, I too will die with a cup of coffee in one hand. But I'll also have can of diet coke in the other. God bless you! :)