Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Splurging on Purging

Yesterday I was getting caught up on some housecleaning and a closet (you know which one you are, mister, and you're not pretty) needed attention.

When I'm in full tilt declutter mode, my kids know they'd better stay out of my path or they might end up on the curb, along with the broken Kim Possible umbrella and the coffeemaker that hasn't worked since 2009. I don't exactly drool over the notion of this kind of cleaning, but I have to admit that when it's over, I feel mighty satisfied.

"She's splurging again," Ramona said.

"What?" I asked, pushing the pause button on my cyclonic activity for just a moment.

"You're splurging," she said, with a knowing nod.

"You mean purging? Purging is getting rid of stuff. Splurging is indulging in something."

"Well. Yeah. Same thing," she said.

Smart girl.


Tina Fisher said...

Doing the same here.....I'm going with Simplifying. It feels so good! :)

chicken coops said...

I'm having a mass clean out come september when both my little ones start school, it's well over due!

tanita davis said...

Hahahah! Ramona the Great has your number, Mommy. That is priceless.

Karen Edmisten said...

She has my number indeed. :)