Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Twitter Warning

Updated at 9:30:
Just checked my account, and all seems well!


Please don't go near my Twitter account -- a horrible amount of hacking going on over there. You don't even have to click on tweets or links ... a hovering mouse on code can do it.


Lissa said...

I'm reading that the hack has been fixed now. Or you can access Twitter via 3rd-party clients like Brizzly (my favorite) or Tweetdeck, or mobile apps, without danger.

My verification word for this comment is "fraxe," which feels somehow appropriate!

Karen E. said...

Hi, Lissa,

Yes, I just checked in over there, and through Twitter.com all seems well again!


(And I need to check out Brizzly -- I sometimes use Tweetdeck but haven't used others ....)