Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Things that make me go, "Huh?"

Martha Stewart telling me how to host a cookie swap.

I've never hosted a cookie swap. I don't think I'll ever host a cookie swap.

Just give me your cookies and no one will get hurt.


People who don't like chocolate.

My friend Andrea still laughs at me for the time I served two kinds of cookies (this was not a swap, I'd just been baking): "These are chocolate-chocolate chip cookies, and these are just regular chocolate chip cookies, for people who don't like chocolate."  (That is how Andrea tells the story. I maintain that I said, "... for people who don't like chocolate as much.") She roared. She pointed out that people who don't like chocolate might actually prefer a cookie without chocolate.  I blinked stupidly. Uncomprehendingly. Huh?


Why is everyone so interested in Tiger Woods?


When people say, "I don't read much."



Nebraska weather.


Morning people.
People who say, "I just never use email."
Yelling at a football game on TV.


Being asked, "What's your five year plan?"


Anonymous said...

Yelling at a football game on TV.

That's directed at me, isn't it? Well, sometimes they're just doing things wrong! YOU DON'T LIKE IT?!?

Margaret in Minnesota said...

Glad to see I made the list. Can you guess which one is me?

Anonymous said...

People exist who don't like chocolate!?!?!

One thing that always makes me go "huh?" are fans of Martha Stewart...isn't life tough enuf without having to be perfect!?

Enjoy your blog. :)

Julie said...

1. I too do not understand why anyone cares what Tiger Woods did. Must be a slow news week.

2. in Indiana we have a saying...If you don't like the weather just wait 10 minutes and it's likely to change.

3. What did I do before email and the Internet anyway? I'm sure I kept busy somehow...oh yeah......

4. Books. I read books. Unfortunately I've become my mother and I fall asleep reading and my book lands on the floor.

5. I confess...I don't like most chocolate! Hold the chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream, all dark chocolate candy. I do however love milk chocoate. My favorite cookie is chocolate chip. My favorite candy is M&M's and I could eat brownies every day. I makes no sense. I even confuse myself.

Anonymous said...

Guilty of yelling at the TV during Vikings games....

Margaret Mary Myers said...

I'm with you on most of that!

My worst one is "I don't do email" or "I'm not doing email anymore". It's like, okay, so well, kiss me good-bye. :) My geographically-distant kids take up my phone time, and my part-time job largely entails preparing things to mail. Email can be worked in and around other things, like fitting sand in the box around the marbles.

My concern about writing this is not to hurt the feelings of my old friends who don't get on the internet...but oh wait, they won't see this, will they? :)

Faith said...

My husband not only yells at football games on TV but his mood for the rest of the day is dependent on whether we lose or win. However, I actually don't mind this. See, if we win I get lots of victory hugs and kisses and if we lose he needs comforting . . .

I love chocolate but it gives me terrible migraines. I figure I'm living purgatory now instead of later, or maybe I just have so much time to work off the Lord saw fit to start me early.

Karen E. said...

Atticus, stop yelling.

Mags, you are a morning person, but I forgive you.

Joni, thanks ... Julie, I fall asleep, too ... Paula, you're in good-Attican company ... MMM, yes! They won't see it! We're off the hook! ... Oh, Faith, that's a terrible kind of purgatory ....

KC said...

I'm with you on the chocolate and morning people.