Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Win a copy of The Rosary book

The ever lovely Margaret at Minnesota Mom was far too kind to me today in her post about my Rosary book.

Now, she is kindly giving away a copy of the book. Go to Margaret's place and leave a comment before Saturday, the 10th to be entered in the drawing. 

And thank you, Margaret, for such a lovely and touching post! 


Roxane B. Salonen said...

This is very timely, Karen. At some point soon, I was going to approach you about how I might get my hands on a copy of your book so I could review it on Peace Garden Mama, possibly during Lent. I would LOVE to be one of the lucky winners. Heading over there now to give it my best shot. :)

Margaret in Minnesota said...

I wouldn't say that I was too kind. Scathingly honest? Definitely. :)

My one BIG regret is that I can't give away a book to everyone.

Karen E. said...

Me, too (on the regrets_ Margaret. :) Thanks again. You're very kind.