Friday, October 09, 2009

Margaret is Giving Away Five Copies of my Rosary Book

Thanks to someone who is quite kind and very generous, Minnesota Margaret is now giving away five copies of my Rosary book.

You can leave a comment at Margaret's original post to enter the contest.

Thanks to Margaret, to the anonymous donor of books, and to everyone who has shown interest in and support for this book! May the Rosary, and all the prayers of our Blessed Mother, enrich your lives in every way.


Updated to add:

Even if you don't care to enter the contest, you should go read all the comments on this post.  Beautiful, inspiring stories from so many different people, sharing their experiences or struggles with the Rosary.  Worth your reading time, I promise.


Bridget said...

I am praying most especially for

Ramona after speaking with the

'D' family! Remember, Ramona,

Jesus loves you! God Bless!

Karen E. said...

Thank you, Bridget -- you're very sweet! :)