Thursday, June 25, 2009

When Good Googling Goes Bad

Betsy said:

"Mom, I had a dream where Anne and Ramona were kidnapped and then I said, 'Mom, what are we gonna do?' and then you started Googling for What to do when your children get kidnapped."

I really hope I got some helpful results.


turtlemama said...

Your kids crack me up. That is LOL funny.

Maryan said...

This cracked me up too.

Karen said...

That is too funny. It seems so strange to me sometimes (and makes me feel soooo old) that Google and Internet and so on are normal for our children. I did my, ahem, journalism degree on a typewriter!!!! Ack. And here's your girl dreaming about Google. Too funny!!

LINDSAY said...

Love the tidbits you post from your kids. Great way to remember them. And so funny!