Monday, January 12, 2009

Ramona's latest reads

Last night before bedtime, Ramona finished reading A Bear Called Paddington, and was quite proud of herself, as it's the "biggest chapter book" she's read so far. I'm thinking about a post on how children learn to read (or, more specifically, how my children learn to read), but that may not happen today.

So, in the meantime, here are some other books we're enjoying:

Betsy got Walter Wick's Optical Tricks from the library, and we all had fun with it yesterday. Betsy's so interested in optical illusions at the moment that we also ordered A Little Giant Book: Optical Illusions and spent some time poking around M.C. Escher's website.

Snowflake Bentley is a must in January, as is cutting out a blizzard of homemade snowflakes. That's on the to-do list this week.

The Snowflake : A Water Cycle Story had the kind of lovely illustrations that appeal to me, but the story left Ramona squirming and restless. Too much science lesson, too little personification, not enough story.

Ramona plucked Slop!: A Welsh Folktale from the library shelf, and it was new to me. We both enjoyed this sweet story, based on Welsh folklore.

And that's it -- I'm out of blogging time this morning!


Sarah N. said...

I'd love to read about how your girls learned to read. My 5yo is reading the Puppy Mudge series to me now. We'll be reading Snowflake Bentley today or tomorrow and making snowflakes too. I'm glad you've given in to the urge to join the Twitter world. I'm enjoying sharing my daily reads there.

Margaret in Minnesota said...

Thanks, Karen. I've just requested another slew of books from our library! We're doing a mini-unit on the moon & wolves (using Dawn's resources) and this will be a fun unit on snowflakes...optical illusions...heck, it'll be fun reading, whatever we do.

Oh, and speaking of our pint-sized readers? Angela is now plowing her way through all our BOB books. :)

Juli said...

I'm interested to see how your girls learned to read. I am teaching my third how to read, but I can never remember how exactly I taught the other two to read. I think I used something different for each and somehow we just got there. I guess I'd never be asked to write a how-to on that subject!

Lynch Family said...

I love to to talk about reading! When my daughter was born I was worried about how I was going to "teach" her to read. I learned to read when I was about 2, totally on my own, so I had no memories of NOT being able to read. Lo and behold, we read to Evie ALL THE TIME and when she was about 4 she started reading things right back to us. Around age 6 she starting devouring books of all sorts and now we even share books--it is bliss. We still read aloud a ton, it is also wonderful to snuggle next to each other and delve into our own worlds. I still wouldn't know how to "teach" reading--it is one of the many bits of magic in life.