Saturday, January 10, 2009

How You Know You've Been Thinking About New Year's Resolutions

That basket of cookbooks -- the one that's been sitting on top of the fridge? -- can now be seen sitting on your kitchen counter.

Oh, you're so proud.

But, ummm ... you really need to dust those books off.


Pearl said...

Hi Karen, I'm new to your blog. I stumbled on here while searching for Catholic "family blogs." I'm glad I did. I just posted a comment on your "A Good Catholic Family" post. I really appreciate your thoughts there. And I'm also grateful to have found you because I am seriously considering homeschool for my little guys. I'm excited to browse. Hope you're having a good new year.

Jennifer said...

I'm with you Karen. My husband thought that because I could cook for him that I would cook for him. I'm quite pleased that I made 5 square meals last week. I'm on a roll!
And like Pearl, I'm so grateful that I found you. ;)