Sunday, September 14, 2008

A couple of Poetry Friday gems

Books I'll be looking for:

My Letter to the World and Other Poems (thanks to Elizabeth at Fuse #8 for reminding me to get this one on my wish list.)

A Child's Calendar by John Updike, with thanks to Janet at Across the Page.


Melanie B said...

I love A Child's Calendar. A beautiful book.

Danae said...

We gave A Child's Calendar to Charlie for his birthday and he LOVES the pictures and I love the pictures and the poetry!

Sarah Reinhard said...

We have A Child's Calendar - a gift when my oldest was born and one of MY favorite books...the poems are genius and the pictures are delightful. A must-have. (Yeah, I sound so authoritative. You have no idea, reading this, that I'm curled up with it, hiding it in places so that they don't get it into THEIR heads to hide it from ME...) :)