Sunday, August 10, 2008

Eighty Candles on the Cake

We were busy and out of town this weekend, celebrating the 80th birthday of Atticus's father, Mr. Atticus.

My fabulous sisters-in-law pulled together a fabulous party and even managed to keep the level of fabulousness going when the three enormous roasting pans full of pulled pork and baked beans were not heating up. Youngest fabulous-sister-in-law Amy (she of the food biz, though she no longer owns that catering business) jumped into high gear and began heating appropriate portions on the stove and slapping individual sandwiches together. No one was the wiser and a tasty time was had by all.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Atticus!

And, umm, Amy? Atticus the Younger just elbowed me and said that he never did get that corned beef sandwich he ordered.


Anonymous said...

We couldn't have done it without you Ms. Karen! So thank you very much! Nancy

Karen E. said...

No, we couldn't have done it without YOU, Nancy -- always hosting, always cheerful and always keeping me informed so I know where to be and when to be there! :-) You're the best!

And so are the rest of my sisters-in-law ... I'll take a page from Brian's book and say, "You're my favorite one," to each of you. :-)