Saturday, July 12, 2008

Links from the CERC

Some interesting reads, gathered together in convenient linkage.

CRS warns of worldwide food crisis

Archbishop Burke will head the Vatican high court

The Encyclical that caused an explosion of dissent -- Humanae Vitae, 40 years later

A list of famous people who have converted to Catholicism

The Pope does not wear Prada (but then, I'd already guessed that about him.) The article says:
The Osservatore Romano emphasized that Benedict was not a man who fusses over fashion.

"These rumours do not tally with the simple and sober man who, on the day of his election to the papacy, address the faithful and the whole world with the sleeves of his modest black sweater showing."

It concluded: "The Pope does not wear Prada, but Christ. His worries are not about accessories, but the essential."

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