Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Happy (Baptismal) Birthday to me!

March 11, 1990:

The Event:

Karen baptized by Episcopal priest (a perfectly lovely man who in no way pressured her to join the Episcopal church, which she was not ready to do. She knew just this one thing: "I must be baptized." Happily, Fr. Spencer obliged.)

The Guests:

Atticus, of course (though he reiterated that this Christian stuff was fine with him, as long as it didn't affect our lives.)

Friend Jack, who drove five hundred miles to be there (and was later present for my reception into the Catholic Church, and even later, present with his wife at Atticus's reception into the Church.)

The Results:

Everlasting life.
An overwhelming urge to tell people about God.
The desire for children.
The birth of children.
Catholicism all around.

Hmmm ....

I guess it affected our lives.


Christine M said...

Happy Baptism Birthday! Sounds like it had a wonderfully positive affect on you life. Congratulations!

Margaret in Minnesota said...

Happy Baptismal Birthday, my friend. We are so very blessed to have you.

Kimberlee said...

Happy Baptismal Birthday to You!!! Joining you in praising God for your encounter with the Living Water.

Liz said...

Happy Baptismal Birthday to you, I hope there are presents this year as well... However, I'm so glad that you are part of the family, even if we've never yet been able to actually meet in person.

patience said...

Happy Baptism Birthday! What a blessed anniversary.

Jennifer F. said...

Happy Baptismal Birthday!!