Saturday, February 16, 2008

Phantom was Phabulous

Plus two of the girls' best friends.

Girls' night out.

Phantastically phun.

We're back. We're tired.

I'll be getting reacquainted with my laundry room today.

And I'll be humming. A lot.


Matilda said...

Oh wow! I remember those days! Starlight Express, Grand Hotel, sigh. I can't wait for my girls to be old enough to enjoy an evening like that!

nutmeg said...

What fun!!

I, too, can't wait until my kiddos are old enough to do this sort of thing.

Phantom is by far my favorite... (see the melancholic in me?)
I have to share... DH and I saw "Phantom" in LA the night of the Rodney King riots. A night we will never forget!

KC said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Phantom. I sawi it in Boston many moons ago.

Cheryl said...

Phantom is the only show I've seen on broadway. I LOVED it. I hope to see shows with my children someday. I'm glad you had a phabulous time.

Touchstone (^_~) said...

My gosh, I'm a head taller than you lot.

Cay said...

Oh, you lucky people, You!
Great fun! :)

Momto5Minnies said...

I have never seen that play and I was pretty lucky to live in the NY metro area for so long ... oh well, someday.


Margaret in Minnesota said...

Since we're sharing Phantom stories...

I had exactly one day in London before catching an all-night bus to Glasgow. (This would be back in those footloose & fancy-free days we all once had.)

I got on the waiting list for Phantom and then I got in line (or should I say, "queued up") and WAITED.



Well, it was worth it! I got a ticket! (And then I ran like a bat out of you-know-what to make the bus directly after. ;)

Just Being Sally said...

I am so jealous. I've wanted to see that musical for quite some time. I can hardly wait to hear about it.

Karen E. said...

Sally, it was incredible! There are still tickets ... get over there. :-)

Love everyone's stories!

Touchstone, don't forget those two (or was it three?) inch heels! ;-)