Thursday, January 03, 2008

Thoughts on the 10th day of Christmas

Here's an idea:

When you find water dripping into the basement, and you trace it to the cupboard under the kitchen sink, which is full of water, and so it's clearly a kitchen sink leak, and so you oh-so-dutifully call the plumber immediately, because this-is-our-home-and-that's-water-damage-we're-talking-about ... and, so-let's-not-mess-around-and-think-we-can-solve-this-ourselves ... because-of-course-we-can't...

Well, not so fast, missy. Before you incur that $60 plumbing bill, like some people might have done, why don't you check those gallon jugs of water that you had under the sink? What? One of them leaked? Problem solved. All by yourself. And now you can congratulate yourself on being much smarter than I am.


New Year's Resolution:

Lose a few pounds.


Stop eating all the stuff that I've been shoveling in for the last week-and-a-half.


Eat it all right now so that it won't tempt me later.

Uh-huh. I think it makes sense.



Amy said...

I'm committed to finishing my stocking-stuffer chocolate by tomorrow, so I should be able to get down to business soon!

Patience said...

Lol! That makes sense to me!

I laughed about your plumbing incident. I have several similar stories ... the garage door incident (you don't want to know) ... the outside tap we had to call a contractor to come and turn off because our weak little girly hands couldn't manage it ... but the worst would have to be The Shower Pressure Incident. I phoned our property maintenance manager to complain that our shower had almost no water pressure. He came around immediately. He looked at the lever-type tap handle. He turned it around to "warm" and levered it up - and as the water sprayed out heavily I said, "oooh, you have to lift it up ..."


MaryM said...

Funny story, Karen. I doubt very much I would have checked the jugs myself.

Jennifer said...

Your diet plans sound so much like mine. That is exactly how I think. :)

Margaret Mary Myers said...

I laughed out loud at your resolution post. So true. Of course, once we eat it all up, we start looking for something more. Or is that only me?

Beck said...

I was desperately eating EVERYTHING during the Christmas holidays because I knew that I would start dieting in January.
Our pipes burst in our basement on Tuesday. That was jolly.

Liz said...

I made up my mind that this year I was going to feast while the Church was feasting, eat healthy while the Church was in ordinary time, and fast while the Church was fasting. Apparently I've feasted well because the scales are getting to a number that says it's a good thing Ordinary time starts on Monday. Meanwhile today, I'm back to counting points, will allow myself only one piece of fruitcake today (instead of 3 or 4) and will turn my back with disdain on all the New Year's Eve leftover potato chips. Why did I let my husband do the New Year's Eve shopping anyway? He bought at least 3 times the amount of snacks I would have (and I would have been allowing for leftovers myself!). Oh well at least I can still get into my size 6 jeans - even if they are a bit snugger than a month ago.

As for the plumbing problem - at least it wasn't the result of you're leaving the water running to fill up the sink while you went to do one thing outside of the kitchen, and then forgot you'd left the water running. I did that while doing elder care a couple of years ago and we ended up with two inches of water in the basement as well as water all over the kitchen floor. What a mess. But on the positive side of things - I didn't need to call a plumber to tell me what the problem was.

Maryan said...

I always follow the same diet plan. ;)

The Epiphany Artist said...


Eat it all right now so that it won't tempt me later.

Uh-huh. I think it makes sense."

I am still eating!!!!