Saturday, September 01, 2007

Vintage Anne-with-an-e

Part of my series of reminiscing:

When Anne was four ....

I used to sing "Amazing Grace" to her every night before she went to sleep.

One night, she said:

"Funding for bedtime is provided by books, prayers, and Ama-a-a-azing Grace!"


Of John Paul II, she asked, "Is he the Hope?"


Pretending to be a secret agent, she was talking into her boot as if it were a phone, and suddenly said, "I have to go now. My other boot is ringing."


Diane said...

I love all three of the posts today. So sweet and fun. And what a great mom you are to notice and record these precious moments.

Tim said...

Rarely LOL, but that third one was good enough for me to find Wendy and LOL.