Sunday, August 12, 2007

Thank you

An enormous Thank You to my blog-tinkering, techno-savvy friend for helping me complete my migration from new-Blogger to newest-Blogger, giving me more flexibility here, as well as a better way to find old posts by category. (I still have some work to do on streamlining my categories ... I've been profligate in my use of them ... so please continue to bear with me as I clean them up. Thanks.)

Thank you!


Amy said...

Wait, there's a *newest* Blogger? Where have I been?

Karen E. said...

Well, there's really only a *new* Blogger, but I hadn't caught up with all of its widgets. :-) I had switched to New Blogger, but had stayed with my old template, rather than the new "layouts" -- therefore, I wasn't able to do some of the new stuff (because I'm not html savvy enough, though playing with the old template taught me a lot!)

Anyway, that's the scoop. :-)

Beth said...

Isn't it nice to have friends who can help out with such things? I have found new blogger infinitely easier to work with, myself.