Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Endless ideas, far more creative than our green milk, are available here, at MaryEllen's Loveliness of St. Patrick's Day Fair.

A few links I posted last year are here.

May your St. Patrick's celebration be lovely!


Anonymous said...

I thought it was very rude of you to just cut therese off on the real learning board. Her post was valuable and insightful. That it censorship and who are you to just end the whole thread. She needs help not criticism.

Karen E. said...

Thanks for your comment ... I'm the moderator of that particular forum, and that's why I was the one to end the discussion. I didn't do it to be rude, but rather to maintain the integrity of the board's mission statement.

Therese and I are in touch privately and we're both completely at peace with they way it was handled.

God bless you.

Margaret in Minnesota said...

A blessed St. Patrick's Day weekend to you, Karen! ;) (I say that because I'm late in wishing you a Happy St. Pat's!)

I can't get the link to your last year's post to work and, being lazy, am leaving a comment rather than trying to track it down.

Love to you,


PS. I love this image.

Karen E. said...

Margaret, thanks for letting me know about the broken link. I think it's fixed.

A blessed weekend to you, too!


raphael's helper said...

I have some additional comments to St. Patrick's teaching of the Trinity on my blog.