Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Feast of St. Lucy

Celebrating Lucy,
virgin and martyr.

Have a blessed day!


Katherine in TX said...

Happy feast to your family as well. I hope you enjoyed your breakfast in bed. We can't wait to bake our bread today.

Karen E. said...

Actually, after a conference yesterday (a day on which there was no real baking time available) we decided to do an evening procession and have the bread with our dinner tonight. We'll be baking today, too, Katherine! Have a great day!

Donna Marie said...

I opened the page to your blog and walked away from the computer for a moment...I overheard this:

dd#2 (12) says..."Wow! What kind of cake is this?" Dd (6yo) says...umm.."I think it is potato cake" Ds(3) cuts her off saying.."No, silly! See all that white stringy stuff? It is definitely Swiss!

I am laughing wishing we got around to baking our bread this year...maybe we will do it for our special Sunday brunch!

yummm! it looks WONDERFUL!