Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I just love this retro stuff

Pssst ... wanna escape into the past for a few minutes?

Visit Run through the aisles of vintage supermarkets and proclaim to the world that you love to bake.


Liz said...

Ahem, Since I still cook with the Betty Crocker cookbook (well some of the time anyway) this didn't seem all that retro to me. The supermarkets were far larger than any we shopped in back then, although the women's hairdos remind me of my childhood. You can just see Lucy Ricardo in one of these stores! The big retro thing, however was the prices. Don't you just wish we could still buy cottage cheese for 23 cents! I wish they'd had a picture of the cars in the parking lot.

Thanks for a trip down memory lane, even if I still sort of live there. Creamed chipped beef (otherwise known as dried beef gravy) was a staple around here. We served it with hard boiled eggs in the gravy on boiled potatoes accompanied by spinach (fresh or frozen not canned). I guess we just live retro.

Tarrant said...

Wow, thanks for the link. We live pretty retro at our house too. My mother likes it when I tell her about the home cooking my kids like too. I think it takes her down memory lane to when she had a house full of children. I do love to giggle at the "healthy recipes" that would make todays dietitians cringe though.