Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Science with M & Ms

Yes, this is my kind of science.

Although, sadly, this particular experiment is a little depressing. Here's an excerpt:

Pick up one M&M candy. Look at it carefully. Not very big, is it? And
it only contains 4.3 nutritional Calories. Not much at all, right? Now, eat
the candy. So far, this is a really fun experiment.

Now, lets burn up the Calories from that tiny piece of candy. To do that,
you have walk at a brisk pace for 100 yards, the length of a football field.

Visit Robert Krampf's website for more info about receiving his free Experiment of the Week.


Jennifer said...

Someone told me that as a child. You've made me hungry - I'll have to go measure out 100 yards....

Jennifer said...

Great experiment but they forgot to take into account the antioxidents one MUST eat through the new and highly addictive dark chocolate M&Ms!

Kristen Laurence said...

That's scary considering I consume a handful of these-type candies every day. Yikes! :)

Beth said...

Well, no. That wasn't cheery at all, was it?! LOL

Liz said...

Of course you could use this for a math lesson. How many times does our still sort of fat internet friend Liz have to briskly walk up and down the football field to make up for the piece of Dove chocolate she ate. Of course fortunately Weight Watchers figures that sort of thing out for me. It turns out that I have to hula-hoop vigorously for 5 minutes and I'd have to walk up and down the football field for oh, at least 20. Let's just say I'm doing a lot of hula-hooping these days, but I'm still enjoying my dark chocolate. Of course since I'm now sort of enjoying exercise, it's sort of worth it. Well sort of... 12 pounds to go to be in the healthy weight range, so I see more hula-hooping, more swimming, more stationary biking in my future. Oh and more hand and ankle weights, of course. I wish I preferred exercise to reading, unfortunately, I don't, which is why we spent far more time on read alouds than on physical activity. Which is why I still have 25 more pounds I want to lose. I probably should wish that I preferred raw carrots to dark chocolate, but somehow I can't even wish that on myself. I'd rather hula-hoop for 5 minutes than substitute a raw carrot stick for a Dove.