Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Why is there ketchup in my bathroom sink?

And on the faucet?

I asked these questions yesterday.

Then I remembered.

I had given Betsy and Ramona permission to start a penny cleaning business. Betsy has many entrepreneurial ideas, and this was her latest. Unfortunately for them, I was their only customer. But I now have some lovely, shiny pennies.

We tried cleaning pennies with ketchup a few years back, as a science experiment. I used to subscribe to Robert Krampf's delightful Experiment of the Week, and this was one of them.

I just resubscribed today ... I have no idea how that fell off the radar ... probably one of those "changing email addresses and it just got lost" sort of things. But, I'm glad it will be back. Mr. Krampf seems to know that, when it comes to science, many of us love "quick, easy, accessible." And he is all that.

And, his free experiments offer side benefits to moms -- you really can't beat clean pennies and happy children.


Amy said...

I'm glad my daughters aren't reading this...I have a feeling everything else would come to a grinding halt, but we would have a houseful of very clean pennies! :)

I love Krampf's experiments!

Jennifer said...

What timing. I was desperately searching for my stand mixer attachments. Where were they? In the bathtub. ???????????

Jill said...

How cute!! Next summer, instead of a lemonade stand, have your girls set up a penny cleaning stand. Maybe they could charge 50% of the items needing to be cleaned. Customers give the girls 10 dirty pennies, they get five clean ones back...
Gosh, I love creative kids. Who needs toys when there are pennies and ketchup?