Friday, December 13, 2019

Poetry Friday: Reader, She Finished It

Sharing a rough draft this week. (Pardon us while we're under construction.) :) 

The Poetry Friday round-up is being hosted this week by the ever-wonderful Elizabeth Steinglass

Reader, She Finished It 
by Karen Edmisten

she finished it.

Seventeen years old,
read Jane Eyre.
And, oh,
the talk, the
the talk.
Bookish talk
that began
before they could talk.
My daughters
and I whispering
goodnight to the moon,
giggling over Clifford,
silly Amelia. Demanding
justice with Fern,
weeping with Wilbur.
into wardrobes,
in search of kindred spirits.
The talk, the
talk. Little
women, a little prince.
Little talks, looming talks.
Atticus, Scout, back again?
Come in, please,
come in.
Who is proud, who
is prejudiced?
Let's talk of what
has passed
and what's to come.

Reader, she finished it.
But, oh, reader,
we are never done.


  1. What a poem of rejoicing! A tribute to family and story. ❤️📚

  2. Oh yes! Like Tabitha says, the family story is a rich weaving! Going to attempt your St Lucy bread this morning! Peace keep you.

  3. Love this poem, Karen. What a beautiful legacy of reading together -- all those talks, talks, all of you will remember forever. Sigh.

  4. Love! And this is one thing, I've been delighted to learn, that has continued after my daughter moved away and went to college. We still always talk about what we're reading, get each other books, share authors and titles. It's the best.

  5. Love! Yes, these characters are part of our lives and must be discussed. What a beautiful poem.

  6. Oh, this is so dear, Karen.
    Indeed we ARE never done - huzzah!

  7. Oh my, I love this, Karen. You've brought me to old memories of reading with my daughter and son. My daughter and I read together well into high school. Now we don't do that, but do share books!

  8. What a delightful description of a reading life while raising kids. This is beautiful. I too have whispered goodnight to the moon with daughters, giggled over Clifford & Amelia and made a late night run for a copy of 'Scout.' I've lived this. And now, I've got one girl home from college and another on the way so we can all talk some more.

  9. What a tribute to the literary lives you've nurtured!

  10. Lucky you to be able to share ln booktalk. It is a joy, for sure. Best to you for a good holiday and new year.

  11. What a conversation! Thank you for letting us hear snippets of all those literary talks that whisper through the years. Many of them echo conversations between my daughter and myself.

  12. Aw, thank you all for chiming in! How lovely to read your reactions to this. You are all people who know the joys of reading and sharing the books we love. :)

    P.S. Kortney, how did the Lucia bread turn out? :)

  13. I love this poem Karen, so many yarns woven into it and it continues on, thanks for sharing it!

  14. Thank you for sharing