Friday, October 27, 2017

Poetry Friday: Some October

After resurfacing last week with news of Atticus, cancer, and the smudgy blur that was the beginning of our school year, I'm back this week with some lines from Barbara Crooker which feel achingly appropriate. I know so many of you can claim the same kinship:

Some October 
by Barbara Crooker

Some October, when the leaves turn gold, ask
me if I've done enough to deserve this life
I've been given. A pile of sorrows, yes, but joy
enough to unbalance the equation.

(Read the rest here.)


Barbara Crooker. She's just one of those lovely gifts to and from the universe.

She writes of the ordinary, painting it with extraordinary color and depth. She makes me think, and sigh, and laugh. I always associate her with autumn, for some reason. Crisp and lovely, golden hues, endings and beginnings.

If you've never read her, you can find her books here.

And go here for a little Poetry Friday bonus, Crooker's Poem of the Month, "Halloween."


The Poetry Friday round up is at Friendly Fairy Tales.


jama said...

Barbara's the best, and I agree with you -- her work is such a gift.

Tabatha said...

Love her!

Karen Edmisten said...

Jama, Tabatha, Barbara ... kindred spirits all. :)

Mary Lee said...

It's a Barbara Crooker kind of day. Lacking any sun yet...or in the forecast...I have the space heater pointed at my feet to give me a patch of warmth!

I'm happy to see that A Year of Being Here has published an anthology! I just requested that our library system purchase it!

Brenda Harsham said...

That poem is boiled down to its essential beauty. What a year we are having. I will hold onto those copper-colored woods all day.

Keri said...

Go where the current takes you -- such sage advice! Thanks for sharing!

Kay said...

Ohh...such a lovely poem. She is new to me, so thank you for introducing her.