Sunday, May 15, 2016

Catching Up: Moving, and Grads, and Webinars, Oh, My!

I've been absent from the blog for all the usual reasons (life, life, and life), plus a few new ones, just to keep things interesting:

  • We've been helping my parents get settled in at a picturesque retirement community. They are now only about two hours away from us (instead of fourteen) and we are thrilled. Over the last week, my sister, her husband, my daughters, and I helped my mother sift through many (not all...we're not done yet) of her hundreds and hundreds of books. My sister and I each hauled three boxes of books home because you know how much empty bookshelf space I have: 

This is what my living room looked like after the last used book sale we hit. Then we went to another used book sale. I didn't take another picture. 

  • Betsy Ray graduated this weekend from the community college she's been attending. She wants to be an elementary school teacher, so she'll continue next fall at a state college not far from here. College-for-Edmistens, so far, seems to have taken the same shape as Homeschooling-for-Edmistens: piece it together in the way that works best, as economically as possible, keeping goals in mind, while not being afraid to shift gears if something isn't working. Classes in the fall, for both Anne and Betsy, will involve commuting to the state college, taking a class at the community college (Betsy can get one class at a better time/price there), and a couple of online classes at a third college (Anne is dipping into a possible new major, which kind of thrills me because it involves English.) Basically, this means we are dealing with three different schools. The FAFSA is so much fun

  • On a completely different note, Ramona's latest favorite website is Creativebug. We sketch, we paint, we play, repeat. 

  • To sum up: I'm still alive, in case you wondered. 


kortney garrison said...

Over the moon to hear you're still alive ;) P.S. Love hearing about the college journeys.

Tabatha said...

Thanks for sharing your happy news! Your parents being nearby and Betsy's graduation are things to celebrate :-) Also, more books. And English-y majors!

We are getting ready for a high school graduation. My youngest will be playing in the orchestra for her brother -- I heard her practicing Pomp and Circumstance yesterday. Sniff!

Karen Edmisten said...

Kortney, thanks for caring about my vital signs! :) Email me if you want to hear more about the college stuff.

Tabatha, yes, lots of celebrating here. Congrats on the high school graduate! How cool that your youngest is playing for her brother. Sniff, indeed! These are special milestones.

At Betsy's graduation on Saturday, Ramona turned to us and said, "Is it, A.) Pomp or B.) Circumstance, or C.) All of the above?" :)

Sonja said...

Yes, I have noticed! Glad to see your post again! Congratulations to your CC graduate. I can definitely relate to both your home school and college way of doing things. Same here! I love reading your blog. Best wishes always! -Sonja

Karen Edmisten said...

Thanks, Sonja! It's always nice to be missed! :) And thanks for the kind words and the congrats!