Friday, July 03, 2015

Poetry Friday: Still Life With Invisible Canoe

My girls, sitting on the dock after sunrise. 

Just home from a short vacation -- visited my parents in Arkansas, and also savored this beautiful view from the deck of the rental we shared with my sister and brother-in-law. 

Though my girls are no longer little, today's poem prompted a mix of memories (from make-believe in a living room to walking in woods with a small child) that over the years has left me, as the poet says at the end of the poem -- do go read the whole thing, it's very short -- with "a feeling near holy." 

Still Life with Invisible Canoe
Idra Novey

Levinas asked if we have the right
To be the way I ask my sons
If they’d like to be trees
(Read the whole poem here, at


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Kelly Fineman said...

"We are rowing through a blue
That is a feeling mostly

The way drifting greenly
Under real trees
Is a feeling near holy"

Just wow! Thanks for posting - I hadn't read this one before, nor (I'm sorry to say) anything by this poet!

Julie said...

This poet is new to me, too - thanks, Karen, for the heads-up. I'll be looking for more of her work. Such different line breaks and rhythms - really intriguing!

Donna Smith said...

New stuff to me, too! Got to go read more. It's very intriguing.

Karen Edmisten said...

She was new to me, too, and I loved this poem so much -- which is one of the reasons I love getting a daily poem from :)