Thursday, April 23, 2015

Tasting Cheeses or Seeking Jesus? (And Other Bits and Pieces of Our Days)

This morning, Ramona told me about a dream she'd been having as I woke her up.

Ramona: "You and I were tasting cheeses for a party -- "

Me: "We were seeking Jesus? For a party?"

Ramona: "No! Tasting cheeses!"

Me: "Oh. Well, okay. I didn't think mine made sense. I mean, He's always there anyway, so you don't really have to seek Him out for a party, but --"

Ramona: "Tasting cheeses." (Shakes head, moves on...)


Random Instances of Instagram:

Ramona said to Betsy, "Your toast looks like the 10 Commandments." 
Anne added, "It's the Toast Commandments." 

Ramona and I were at Hobby Lobby and saw this. 
Someone had written on chalkboard: "Help, my wife won't leave."

Happiness ... Working on a Van Gogh art project with Ramona & Betsy (Betsy's experimenting on us for her Art for Elementary Teachers class) while listening to the Wicked soundtrack.

Ramona's Easter nails. 


Recent Ramona: "If you kissed a stuffed frog, would it turn into a Ken doll?"


Recent field trip

Went to a dairy farm. 
Saw a calf born. 
("It's a boy!")
I may live in Nebraska, 
but I've never 
watched a cow 
labor and give birth. 
As my friend said 
that day, 
"I think we can check 
off the list 
for the whole year." 


Faith said...

Wow, sounds like a lot of great stuff going on there!

tanita✿davis said...

;) Of course you were seeking Jesus at a party. He'd brought wine, but knowing this one chick was into coffee, had some really good beans...

I'm pretty sure Tech Boy has scrawled S-O-S messages somewhere in Michael's...

Karen Edmisten said...

Thanks, Faith!

Tanita, I love the picture you've painted (all of it -- Jesus and the wine and the coffee beans, and Tech Boy in distress at Michael's....) :)