Thursday, January 01, 2015

Bits and Pieces of Our (Last) Days (of 2014)

It's been quiet here on the blog because I've been on vacation in every way.  (Well, for awhile I was sick, but then it morphed into vacation.) Recent goings-on:

We made gingerbread houses again. Because, surprisingly, that's just what we do. 

A blurry Ramona with houses, mid-assembly. 

The final products: 

 It's our sixth year of making them (thanks, Magical Mrs. M.!) and I finally created a gingerbread house label for the blog. No TARDIS or 221-B this year -- Ramona went candy-laden old school, Betsy did the Psych office (that's the Blueberry parked out front) and Anne did the retirement home of Sherlock Holmes (the yellow jellybeans next to the house are bees and hives): 


I finally got around to Instagram. As much as I love Instagram and Facebook (certain aspects of it...there's the whole love/hate thing), Twitter, et al, I know that sometimes I post things in those places and then neglect my blog. But the blog is the only place I connect with some of you, so today I'm playing catch-up (I'm looking at you, Tanita.)

From Instagram: 

Sketching, from Big Hero 6, courtesy of Ramona. 
And, just because I like to look at them: Madeleines. 

From Facebook: 

From Twitter: 

Well, that's about all that my vacation brain can handle today. 
All too soon, it will be back to work and real life. Atticus said last night, "See, here's the problem with my vacations -- I'm so happy to get to be with my family all the time, and then, bam, it's back to work." I love that man. 

Happy Eighth Day of Christmas! 


ellie said...

Happy Christmas Karen :-)

Karen Edmisten said...

Happy Christmas, ellie! :)

tanita✿davis said...

I **really** wish the Karma Cafe were real. So much. That keeps cracking me up.

Thank you for keeping track of all of these for your lame non-FB friend. ;)

Karen Edmisten said...

Tanita, I COMPLETELY understand being non-FB. :)

Let's have lunch at the Karma Cafe someday, okay? :)