Wednesday, October 29, 2014

More Resources For Healing After a Miscarriage (aka, This Is What I Love About the Internet)

Since I've been posting over the last week about giving away a copy of After Miscarriage, a couple of things have come up that I want to share:

Cecilia's lovely site, Magnolia Sweet Healing, offers women in need a free copy of my book. I'm so touched that this ministry is generously funded personally by Cecilia, and I am immensely grateful for her help in getting the book to women who need it.

Conceiving Hope has a resource page that is huge and helpful. Check it out here.

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Amy R said...

Even though my miscarriages were not as traumatic as some, I found your book After Miscarriage so wonderful, and I appreciate so much your writing it. I wish I'd had it in hand those years ago.

Recently, a friend related that she'd been part of a "group funeral" held by our diocese for miscarried babies at our Catholic cemetery, some months after her miscarriage. Some of the families did not have remains. That was my situation those years ago, but I would've loved to be part of such a funeral. I don't think they had such a thing then, but I'm glad they do now.