Monday, October 13, 2014

Four Things About Today -- Pancakes, Flooding, Atticus, and Wine

1. My college girls were on fall break today and we were all having a leisurely morning so I decided to make pancakes for everyone. Pancakes, and chatter, and laughter and delight. And suddenly I had a flashback to the old days.

Homeschooling three girls, no one needing to rush off anywhere. Just us Little Women. Sigh.

Those were lovely days.

Sweet and bitter and bittersweet is this growing-up business.

2. Due to some poor plumbing (which is not worth explaining, and which seems to be a recurring theme in my life), a clogged shower drain caused an inordinate amount of flooding in our bathroom and -- eeek! Spillover! -- into our laundry room. There was much clean up, the borrowing of a shop-vac (thank you Danae!), much drying out of carpet, lots of laundry and drying of towels and rags, and there was gratitude for the help of my college daughters (who should have been enjoying their day off but instead helped me clean up messes.) We all had a wonderful talk at the end of the day about how God provides. It wasn't the day we'd all looked forward to -- relaxed and lazy and recharging stuff. But if we had to have flooding, the timing was as good as it could be, given the rest of our week's plans, if that makes sense. I told my daughters that it was sort of like the times when there suddenly seems to be extra money, and my first thought is, "Great! Extra money! What shall we do with it?" Then something goes wrong and the "extra" money is needed to repair or replace something. It's always tempting to gripe, "Hey! I had plans for that money! Why did that stuff have to go wrong?" instead of saying, "Thank you, Lord, for how nicely You provided for that repair."

This was not the day I'd planned to have, but in some way it must have been the day I needed to have.

3. The Difference Between Atticus and Me: I was still doing some clean-up downstairs and Atticus said he'd make pizza for dinner. I stressed, "You don't have to cook!" and he said, "No, I need to relax -- I want to cook to wind down after all this mess."

Cook to wind down?  Oh, sweetheart, we are so different.

4. Danae, thanks for the wine you provided along with the shop-vac. It's about to be enjoyed.


tanita✿davis said...

Heh. Cooking to relax?! Sometimes I clean to... think. Generally AFTER Tech Boy cooks to relax... hm. There's a link there, somewhere...

ellie said...

I'm really glad your girls were there to help muck out -- definitely easier with good company :-) And homemade pizza! What's not to love?!

Danae said...

Oh, if only every household could have an Atticus! OR maybe he could start a new business: he could travel around (for a fee) and cook for people who have had rough days. ;)

Karen Edmisten said...

Tanita, you kindred spirit. :)

Ellie, yes, they are good company in such circumstances. We put on some music -- the work song from Les Miserables. :)

Danae, I love it! We need to get him going on that new business. No, wait. Then he wouldn't be here to cook for *me.* Sorry. That's out. :)

Himself said...

It should be pointed out that one of the pizzas had anchovies on it. Just saying.

Karen Edmisten said...

I don't mind the occasional anchovy.