Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Reason #427,292 That I'll Miss My Kids When They're All Grown Up and Gone

Because I won't walk into my bedroom and find butterscotch candy and a note on my pillow that says, "We hope you enjoy your stay! Please remember that this is a non-smoking room, and be respectful of the patrons who will use the room after you."

And I won't then walk into my bathroom and find another note (this one adorned with a stick figure who appears to be saying, Oh, no!) with the words, "Forgot something? Don't worry! Just ask at the front desk."

And I won't glance over at the towels hanging over the tub and see another note telling me, "If you wish for your towels to be replaced, simply leave this card on top of them. Thanks!"

Oh, how I love my stays at Hotel Ramona.


Anonymous said...

Oh she is a hoot! Nancy

Karen Edmisten said...

She has me hooting on a daily basis, Nancy. :)