Thursday, September 05, 2013

Is It Your First Week of Homeschooling?

Thoughts from the past:

Lowering My Standards

Hang in there, new homeschooling moms! (And moms whose situations have changed, moms who have new babies, moms who have new medical challenges, moms who never see their husbands, moms who always see their husbands, moms who are trying a new curriculum, moms who are abandoning a traditional curriculum, moms who ... well, you get the message.)


DelandMommy said...

It's our 1st day of homeschooling! We're using Kolbey for 2nd grade. Thank you for posting this. I needed the thoughtful note. :) And yes, I'm pretending you wrote that just for me.

Karen Edmisten said...

I did write it just for you! :) Have a great year!

Melanie Bettinelli said...

I think I must have taken this post to heart when you first wrote it. When everyone else was complaining about their first days on Facebook I was thinking that ours went swimmingly because I had no expectations. I haven't made a plan yet. I haven't finished ordering curriculum yet. I haven't got organized or cleaned up. We started anyway. (As if we ever really stopped.) And there were interruptions. Sophie whined: when are we ever going to do math? And that really says it all. My goal is for her to still be asking that a few years from now.

Thanks for helping me keep my expectations in check. I don't think I'd be the relaxed homeschooler I am today if it weren't for you and Lissa.

Karen Edmisten said...

Melanie, you just made my day. :) So happy to hear it. If you can send some of that, "When are we ever going to do math" stuff to my house, I'll take it. :)