Thursday, July 25, 2013

When Your Daughter Is a Pinner ...

... you learn all manner of interesting things about her from her boards.

* She pins stuff like this, and tells you to prepare to have a cute attack:

* She brings these yummy-looking cake mix waffles to your attention.

* She pins this, on her Faith board:

* You find out that her dream home will sport a staircase carpeted in Swarovski crystals, will be predominantly decorated in pink, and that a bejeweled mixer will grace her kitchen.

* Your suspicions are confirmed: for an eleven-year-old, she has a highly developed fashion sense.

* You can never have too many kitty pins. 

* Another suspicion confirmed: Ramona is more craft-savvy at age eleven than I will be when I'm 95. 

And, by the way, did I mention that my little girl recently turned eleven? 


tanita♥davis said...

...the years just FLY by.

Also: cake mix waffles...!

Karen Edmisten said...

**Also: cake mix waffles...!**