Sunday, June 30, 2013

Can You Guess What We Recently Saw?

Monsters, Inc. figures: supplied by Ramona. 

Sadly, we do not have a Mike Wazowski. 

Atticus stepped in. 

A honeydew melon and a Sharpie can solve any number of problems. 

(Monsters University wasn't quite up to the level of the original, but we enjoyed it.) 


Margaret in Minnesota said...

Makes me wonder how Despicable Me II and Finding Dory will be. Those are two of my very fave movies.

Cute, cute scene! And I'm late in commenting b/c I'm still playing around with Feedly. Best get used to it, huh?

Love to all the Eds!

Karen Edmisten said...

Two of my favorites, too, Mags! Just took Ramona to see Despicable Me (*again*) at the $2 theater.

And, ah, Feedly! Thank goodness for other people's recommendations, because I would have been lost if I hadn't gotten switched over in time after the death of Google Reader. Grrrr to Google....