Wednesday, May 01, 2013

The "What Will They Do With the Kitchen Counter While I'm Out of Town?" Experiment

Before I left for Birmingham last week, I told my family that I'd be conducting a little domestic/sociological experiment. Of course, the fact that I told them I'd be doing this skewed my results, so it would be more accurate to say that I warned them, "Don't let stuff pile three feet high on that counter while I'm gone! You have no idea how many times a day I actually clear debris and shrapnel off that counter!"

(That's a mom's version of, "Hypothesis: If parental unit does not make expectations clear before said unit leaves town, results upon homecoming will be ugly.")

Ramona vowed to keep a captioned photo journal of the counter while I was gone. Here are the findings of our little experiment:

Ramona: "Day 1 Description: Not bad. About the same as when you left." 

(Me: I don't think I left my glasses there. And I don't remember leaving that birthday present teetering precariously on the counter's edge. But, okay. Not bad.) 


Ramona: "Day 2 Description: Pretty good." 

(Me: Yes! That's what I'm talkin' about.) 


Ramona: "Day 3 Description: Not horrible, but not great." 

(Me: Ummm, why does that gift keep migrating? Why are my glasses traveling around the counter when I'm out of town? I do, however, like that cookbook being out. It contains the chocolate cake recipe Atticus used for my birthday cake.) 



Be sure to yell at everyone about the kitchen counter before you leave town.*  Make your expectations clear.

* I didn't actually yell, but, "Tease your daughters about the counter," doesn't sound as blogworthy as "yell at everyone." 


Amber said...

Oh my goodness, how funny! And why oh why do those things keep getting shuffled around?

Marcia said...

I am going to replicate your experiment the first chance that I get :-) We have a hotspot/ surface, too. Thanks for your funny and useful post.