Thursday, March 15, 2012

Catching My Breath and Catching Up

The past week has been a mishmash of various appointments, interviews, good books, Lenten assessment, confession, complaining about springing forward, thinking about college stuff, and generally wondering about what life at Walden Pond would be like.


Anne-with-an-e is sick, sick, sick of braces. The poor girl must have inherited all the worst of Atticus and me, dentally speaking, because it's taken her teeth more than three years to get on board with the program. Thankfully, she spotted Raina Telgemeier's book, Smile, one day on Lissa's blog. The book is geared to a young audience, but the idea works for anyone dealing with braces, I think. Now Anne can be heard to say with a sigh, "At least I'm not Raina."

Poor Betsy is suffering from some big-time tendinitis. I assume that time spent at a keyboard writing three novels and countless short stories in the last couple of years might have something to do with it. It's affecting her violin playing as well and, in short, it's a big pain the neck. Or, um, wrist. Pray it will get better soon!


I've linked to recent live interviews, but here's one I recorded that is now available -- Part I of a two-part interview on Pat Gohn's Among Women podcast.

As Pat explains on her blog:

Drawing on her latest book, After Miscarriage, A Catholic Woman's Companion to Healing and Hope, Karen and Pat have an extended conversation on this tender subject, that is so often hard to talk about. On this episode, they discuss the emotional upheaval of miscarriage and ways the Christian community can offering prayers of support, masses of remembrance, and assurance of the mercy of God toward a child that does not live to experience the sacrament of baptism.

Good books: 

I get to call this book terrific without sounding boastful because it's the other nine terrific women I'm boasting about. I'm privileged to be in their company. My local friends and I plan to soon have a discussion about this one (did you know that, local friends? Consider this your invitation ... ) Hallie Lord's Style, Sex and Substance is shipping again from Amazon. (Did you know it sold out the day it was released? Huzzah for Hallie!)

Lenten Assessment:

It's good to hear my stomach growl.
It's good to force myself into disciplines I despise.
It's good.


You wouldn't really ask, would you?

College Stuff:

This really deserves its own blog post.

Complaining About Springing Forward:

I'm done. I promise.

Walden Pond:

I want it. I just want my laptop with me.

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sarah said...

I hope you will write a blogpost about college stuff. I think we could use more information about homeschoolers' experiences at the upper end of the homeschooling journey.