Thursday, February 09, 2012

Techie Nine-Year-Olds

"Hey," I called out to no one and everyone as I checked my email, "who ordered Kitchen Science for Kids on the Kindle? I don't remember us talking about this!"

"It was me!" called Ramona from the living room. "Ordered it by accident. Don't worry. I canceled it. We're getting a refund."

Ummm. Okay.


tanita davis said...

This is both funny and kind of spooky.

Man, I can't even imagine me having this conversation with my mother when I was nine - accidentally ordering something would have meant accidentally lifting up her JC Pennys card. I would have been killed.

Technology makes some interactions so much easier - frighteningly easy - and so much weirder between parent/kid!!

Karen Edmisten said...

It's way too easy to order things accidentally on the Kindle. I think I have accidentally ordered/immediately returned for refund more things than I have deliberately ordered. I usually think I'm saying yes to a preview, but then suddenly I own it.

Yes, kind of spooky and weird. I think I'm reclaiming the Kindle as Mom Territory. :)