Monday, December 12, 2011

Pope Quotes Obscure Blogger From Nebraska

Perhaps "quote" is too strong a word. Or, perhaps "quote" is, in fact, a lie.

However, it is true that Pope Benedict XVI, primarily known for being awesome, recently paraphrased blogging mom Karen Edmisten (albeit totally unbeknownst to him) regarding her "No-Panic Advent" series. Pope Awesome recently urged Christians worldwide to forget about the commercialism of the season and to focus on Jesus.

Edmisten concurs, and is only too glad to give the Holy Father credit for the idea.

"Oh, sure," she was quoted as saying when we recently caught up with her as she shirked Christmas shopping duties and simply ordered a few things online, "it's true that I'm actually the one who wrote the No-Panic Advent series, but I'm happy to credit the Pope with a better tag line and, overall, a better writing style. His whole take on it -- y'know, saying that true joy is 'born from the encounter with the living person of Jesus' -- is a bit more timeless and eloquent than my 'chill out, people' stuff. But, hey, we're both coming from the same place, right? I'm sure he'd agree, cuz he's awesome that way."

Edmisten concluded the interview saying she had to go, as she planned to spend the rest of the day not baking cookies. She also hoped to spend a little time convincing relatives that gift cards are not impersonal and evangelizing her neighbors regarding hot button issues such as how a lack of outdoor lighting does not have a direct correlation to one's faith life.

Pope says focus on Jesus, not pre-Christmas distractions
By David Kerr

Vatican City, Dec 11, 2011 / 01:30 pm (CNA/EWTN News).
- Pope Benedict XVI reminded Christians not to be dazzled by the shopping lights of the Advent season but to keep focused on the coming on Jesus Christ, the “true light of the world.” Christians should keep their eyes fixed on Christ so that “if, in fact, we persevere‘vigilant in prayer and rejoicing in praise,’ our eyes will be able to recognize in him the true light of the world that comes to enlighten our darkness.”... 

Read the whole (true) story here.


Ma said...

Oh, Karen...please warn me before you unleash the full force of holy hysteria on the masses....seriously, Girl. I just did everything you said, except I DID make cookies late last night, more on a whim, then really necessary....I got big points with the peeps here, maybe they’ll fold laundry today?

Karen Edmisten said...

And did they fold laundry? :)

Mine were very grateful tonight for St. Lucia bread. Always a hit!