Thursday, June 09, 2011

Fish (Guest post by Ramona)

Ah, Fish. Red, orange, blue, possibly white or green. The point is, the point is, well, I don't know what the point is. I guess I just like fish.  <'{{><


ANYWAY, I wish I could have a fish. Then I could look at it when ever I wish! Ha! Rhyme!

(xx)  <--  (That's a kaleidoscope!)


p.s. Thanks to Deacon Skip for the fish emoticon idea!

(This is Karen now)

Happy Poetry Friday! I had a meeting to attend this morning and didn't get a poetry post done. So, I'm officially counting Ramona's rhyme.The round up is at Picture Book of the Day.


tanita davis said...

I want fish, too. But I am moving in a couple of months, and they're kind of hard to carry...

Karen Edmisten said...

They *are* hard to carry. We once moved fish, but just from an apartment to a house in the same town. That was doable. But otherwise ....

And, I'm sorry, Ramona, but fish would just torture the cat. :)

jama said...

I like to eat fish, does that count? Oops. . .

Hope you do more guest posts, Ramona:).

Margaret in Minnesota said...

Tell Ramona that she needs to come visit. My husband has an ENORMOUS tank that's FULL of fish.

And anemones.

And coral.

And lots of other stuff that he can name but I can't.