Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger Is Back, But My Last Post Is Gone

It had a darn cute picture of Sydney and Ramona, too.

Ah, well.

At least my entire blog isn't dead and gone, which is always the first conclusion I jump to in cases like this.

But, we're up and running!

(Updated to note: the post is now back, but most of the comments are gone. Okay. Let's move on, Blogger.) 


Jen Ambrose said...

The post still exists in Google Reader. I can see it right now, the one about Dryer Sheets?

Karen E. said...

Oh, that's right! Yes, it's still in Reader. Everything is still in reader, including every mistake we've ever made, right? :)

tanita davis said...

Mine last post is gone, too.
This is peevacious!!!

Karen E. said...

Tanita, I just saw that the post is now back, but all your comments are gone from that post .... weird.

So, I'll summarize for others:

You asked how it worked and if the sheet wouldn't leave residue that the dog would lick off, and I replied that the idea is to use unscented sheets, and rub them very lightly over the dog (to reduce static electricity). Then you (and I agreed with you) mentioned that the idea of the dog wanting to have an April fresh scent was still nice. :)

Margaret in Minnesota said...

It isn't hard for me to move on because I am, by nature, incredibly distracted.

Still, it *is* a good time to think about backing up our blogs, isn't it. I've posted the question on my blog--what's the best way to back up one's blog?--and you, too, let me know if you come up with something.

Have a blessed Monday! Wish we were closer!

Karen Edmisten said...

Mags, it would probably help if I composed my posts (the ones that are worth saving) in a document rather than directly into Blogger!

Margaret in Minnesota said...

I *do* usually compose my posts in a document beforehand, only because I had an incredibly picky desktop publishing teacher in college who insisted on smart-quotes in all my documents.

You know what those are, right? I'll exemplify.

Here is a sentence written without smart-quotes: "Karen and I should go for coffee."

And now I am cutting and pasting from Microsoft Word: “Karen and I should go for coffee.”

See the difference?

Am I crazy?

Yes, Karen. Yes, I am.

Do you still want to meet me for coffee?